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iNFacilities Reception Services

This website is a subpage of iNFacilities Reception Services where we would like to inform you.

Outsourcing your reception services has many advantages. Not only are you sure that your front office is always occupied (also during illness) but also that the service is professional. Moreover you can realise extra capacity during the peak period. iNFacilities is a specialist when outsourcing reception services is concerned. Not only do we take care of the right match but we also take care of intense support of the receptionist(s).

From receptionist to hostess

To iNFacilities, hospitality means hospitable, warm welcome, correct guidance, addressing everyone. The current office is changing more and more from a place to work to a place to meet colleagues and associates; from a place of business of the work processes to a first appearance to the customer. The roles and activities of the reception/ service desk and of the employees will change as a consequence. The receptionists become hostesses and the collaboration with the service desk will be optimised. The employees are expected to collect their visitor so visitors will not go astray in the building.

Outsourcing your reception services is particularly interesting:

  • if you want to improve your accessibility
  • if a professional reception is important to you
  • if you share an office building with multiple organisations
  • if you want to save costs
  • if you are looking for continuity
  • if you want to focus on your core process/ core business

The benefits of outsourcing the reception services:

  • 99,9% occupancy, also during illness, leave and peak periods
  • You know in advance exactly what the cost are / cost reduction
  • No reception employees on your payroll
  • We arrange everything for you, training as well
  • The quality remains high because of regular evaluations, guidance and training
  • No daily worries




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